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What we do?

Goal is a venture of Patathikana India Pvt. Ltd. in the information business, Patathikana’s main objective is to enquire validate and compete authentic business information for drive online sales, boost local online retail sales and services

Vision /Mission

To Flagship presence in advertising industry in East, North and Central and connect by making. Identity of local and rural population to improve and empower there market presence.

To connect rural population with web world to improve their market strategies who are not in the main stream of the advertising industry.

Generally online data is available from capitals, Mega Cities, Metro cities, Major cities, and district headquarters. We are focused in small cities rural areas who are ignored because they are not playing Rolls in sector. But we are looking more opportunity in the rural areas because more than 60 % population is situated in the rural areas where only self-employment is the only way of earning but they have not getting any attention from any machinery. There are a huge opportunities in that area if attention paid to them they avail the facilities of advertisement they can improve their business and lifestyle by the reach of market, business houses and the other sources.
Our moto is to improve the small market by connecting those with national stream to provide a platform to connect and improve their information level and search to major markets.